DIY 80/20 Aluminiun T-Slot Rig  


Kevin Lourens
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22/02/2017 8:52 pm  

Hi All,

I wanted to build a strong fully adjustable frame that could grow and adapt with my gear. Ended up with a design I saw online and altered the dimensions to suite my needs. I added lots of extra braces, lots of pieces can be removed to reduce the over all cost and to keep it simple.

80/20 aluminium is well suited for these builds as parts can be adjusted with minimal effort and parts can be bolted to the unit with ease.

It does come at a price, there are lots of profiles and i found the 45 x 45 lightweight to be perfect. 

Overall, very happy with the rig. Strong and sturdy. I added lockable caster wheels to the frame to move it around to service and make changes.

Any questions let me know.




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