–These rules are subject to change as we constantly need to evolve and adapt to unforeseen circumstances as well as game updates and mods.

–  Drivers are expected to familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations here on e-Sport Racing South Africa. Should a rule be unclear, clarification may be requested.

–  Drivers are expected to compete and participate in a respectful manner.

–  Drivers must participate in a manner that does not affect the competition and enjoyment of other drivers.

–  Abusive or offensive language (including but not limited to swearing) is strictly prohibited in both voice and text chat services being utilized for ESRSA races.

–  The position of other drivers on track must always be respected.

–  Aggressive driving is strictly prohibited.

–  Cutting of corners or over-utilization of run off areas is strictly prohibited should such action be determined to being deliberate or advantage gaining.

–  If drivers are found to be in breach of the ESRSA Rules and Regulations, the behavior or incident will be assessed by the Admin team and a suitable punishment handed out.

Mandatory software:

–  Hellicorsa (Assetto Corsa)

–  Crew Chief

–  Ptracker (Assetto Corsa) 

Car Contact:

–  Contact and collisions must always be avoided.

–  Knocking cars on corner entry must be avoided.

–  Forcing cars off track at any point is prohibited.

–  Space should always be given to other cars, be it the car being overtaken or the car doing the overtaking.

–  Leaning on other cars mid corner (using other cars to help turn your own car) is prohibited.

The Following Car:

–  The following driver must make all attempts to prevent running into the car ahead.

–  Should you mistakenly brake too late it is expected, if possible, to avoid contact with the ahead car even if that means driving off track.

Brake Checking:

–  The driver who is ahead must never ‘brake check’ the cars behind deliberately. Drivers are entitled to use longer and earlier braking zones than others. They are also entitled to turn in earlier or later and/or apex earlier or later. It is the responsibility of the following car to allow the front driver to use their race line.

Contact Concessions:

–  If there’s contact between drivers that results in the guilty driver making up places on the innocent driver, the guilty driver should immediately allow the innocent driver to pass freely to re-establish their position. This rule should be observed, even if it means the guilty driver has to allow drivers not involved in the incident to pass while waiting for the driver they contacted.

–  When slowing down to allow drivers to pass you should move out of the racing line first before you slow down. Coming to a full stop is not allowed, simply continue at a slower pace until the other driver is past.

Qualifying Etiquette:

–  Drivers are expected to leave sufficient space to drivers ahead to guarantee a clean qualifying lap.

–  Qualifying is not a race, drivers are not permitted to drive defensively against faster drivers coming up behind.

–  Keep respect in mind, allow faster drivers past, keep in mind also that slower drivers are also on their fast laps… leave plenty space to drivers ahead.

Standing Starts:

–  Standing starts require caution and respect.

–  Utilize patience and understand that races are not won in turn 1, but they are lost in turn 1.

–  It is advisable to form a double-wide procession through the first couple corners as drivers find their space. Understand that there will almost always be a car on your outside or inside.

– All rules regarding Car Contact and Contact Concessions apply here. If you knock another car off track then you must allow them to regain their position.

Rolling Starts:

–  Drivers are to form a procession of cars based on qualifying results.

–  Vehicles are allowed to be staggered but must not overlap.

–  The speed must be kept under 140km/h.

–  Drivers must avoid contact through the warmup lap.

–  Should a driver spin or leave the track then the drivers following may assume their position. The crashed driver must join the back of the pack and may not regain their original position.

–  The ‘speed-up’ point is at the exit the final turn.

–  The driver in P1 dictates the ‘speed-up’ point on the final turn exit.

–  Drivers are not allowed to overtake the vehicles ahead of them before the start/finish line.

Defensive Driving:

–  Drivers who are ahead have the right to choose their line down a straight. They may make a single move from one side of the track to the other and when approaching the next corner may return to the racing line. Only one move and a returning move is permitted.

–  No repeated swerving is permitted.

–  Drivers who are ahead may choose their line through corners including a tight line forcing attacking drivers to attempt overtaking around the outside.

–  Lapped drivers may not drive defensively. All attempts must be made to allow the lapping cars past.

Driving Mistakes and Overtakes:

–  If a driver makes a mistake causing him to run wide or leave space, then other drivers have the right to attempt an overtake.

–  Such overtakes must still conform to the rules regarding car contact and drivers must make all attempts to avoid contact.

Re-Joining Track:

–  Drivers re-joining the track after an incident or off-track excursion should take care not to affect drivers on track.

–  Re-join the track, when possible, parallel to the track.

–  Do not reverse back onto the track.

–  Drivers on track have right of way, always take care to re-join the track.

Blue Flags:

–  Drivers are expected to obey Blue Flags shown during a race.

–  Some games may not have Blue Flag functionality but it is still the driver’s responsibility to know who is lapping them and who is competing with them. Perhaps turn driver names on and make sure you know who is ahead and behind you relative to your race position.

–  Drivers must move over at the earliest convenience to allow the lapping driver past and must not defend the position.

–  Drivers lapping backmarkers must allow a reasonable amount of time for the lapped driver to find a safe point to yield the position. Sometimes the lapping will occur on a straight but sometimes in complex corners.

–  Drivers are allowed to ‘unlap’ themselves but only under the circumstances of being faster than the lapping driver. You may not ‘chance’ an overtake without clear justification of pace.

–  Should you ‘unlap’ yourself and the lapping driver once again approaches you to overtake then you will need to yield the position once again. (If you are faster then he won’t be approaching to overtake)

Track Limits:

– Track limits are dictated by the white lines on either side of the track.

– Curbs and run-off areas are NOT considered parts of the track.

– Part of your car must be touching the track limit white lines to be considered on the track.

– Drivers must not gain an advantage by exceeding track limits. If advantage is mistakenly gained then the advantage must be reversed to avoid a penalty.

– Drivers must not gain an advantage by exceeding track limits during qualifying. If a driver is caught doing so then a penalty will apply.

– Drivers affected by or observing other drivers gaining an advantage while exceeding track limits must please submit an Incident Report to Admins.

Complaints and Race Incidents:

–  All complaints regarding race incidents should be submitted directly to ESRSA Admins. As much information as possible should be provided, Drivers involved, Lap #, etc.

–  All incidents may only be reported the following morning after the race and will be open for 12 hours from 8am.

–  Incidents will be investigated by ESRSA Admin. Should a ESRSA Admin be involved in the incident then he/she shall be excluded from the investigation.

–  ESRSA Admin reserve the right to include unbiased third party drivers in incident investigations.

–  Investigation results are final, there will be no appeal process.

Discord Etiquette:

–  Drivers may make use of the e-Sport Racing South Africa Discord server should they wish.

–  Mics must be set to a sensitivity so as not to hear every noise happening in your life.

–  During Qualifying and Race times all mics should be muted.

–  Drivers may not rant over their mics during Qualifying and Races.

–  Excessively noisy Drivers will be asked to mute and then removed from the channel after failing to comply.

Internet Connectivity and Lag:

–  Should a driver be exhibiting excessive lag he/she will be asked to rejoin the server.

–  Failing to improve ones ping/lag will result in being asked to retire.

–  Drivers who consistently exhibit lag or connection problems will not be allowed to enter upcoming leagues.

Penalty Structure:

–  When a driver is found guilty in a race incident then he/she will receive penalty points.

–  Penalty points will remain on a driver’s record for the course of the year. Each year will be a clean slate.

–  Penalty points are awarded based on the severity of the incident and will range from 1 – 5 points per incident.

–  Penalty points cover a driver for all races, classes, series and leagues on e-Sport Racing South Africa. Points accumulated while racing Cafe Races will apply to the next race, even if it’s a League Race.

Incident Points Guideline:

1 Point

–  Weaving on a straight to avoid Slip-Stream

–  Making more than 1 defense move on a straight.

–  Discord Violation

–  In-game Disqualification (eg. RRRE driving incorrect direction on track)

2 Points

–  Causing Avoidable Collision

–  Dive-bombing

–  Rear end under braking

–  Leaving no room on corner exit

–  Leaving no room in corner

–  Excessive track limits violation

–  Gaining advantage while violating track limits

–  Lag Violation (failing to comply with admin instructions regarding lag)

–  Failing to comply with Blue Flags (Failing to yield to a lapping driver)

3 Points

–  Reckless Driving

–  Brake Checking

5 Points

–  Intentional Ramming

Penalty Points Structure:

4 Points:  Drive through penalty applied to next race.

8 Points:  Double Drive through penalty applied to next race.

12 Points:  Qualifying exclusion, start from back of the grid for next race.

17 Points:  Qualifying exclusion and Drive through penalty applied to next race.

21 Points:   Race Suspension, unable to enter the next race.