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Thus, a tight thoracic spine can cause pain in the lumbar spine and increase the risk of lower back injuries. Although you may wish to begin more gently depending on your back health, I recommend 3 reps of a 5-second maximum effort contraction for greater muscle fiber recruitment. can feed into the chest and/or down into the abdomen. internally rotating the arms throughout the day (e.g. To roll out your chest, you can use a larger foam ball against the ground or a smaller ball against the wall in a doorway. To roll out your lats, you can use a small ball or a roller. Make sure that when you bring your arms back in front of you there is still tension in the band. How ofthen would you recommend doing this exercises for weightlifters? This exercise develops extensor strength as well as mobility and is necessary for developing a mind-muscle connection with the target muscles. There are many different Then cross your hands over your chest and relax back over the Peanut. It can also stretch your quads a bit as well as your abs. Park and Yoo state that correct alignment of the thoracic spine can positively affect scapular positioning and alleviate muscle imbalance[1] Correct scapular positioning is vital for overhead movements (e.g. Address the imbalance between the chest and upper back muscles. This is a great move to keep your shoulders healthy and even stretch your triceps. Continue with the mobility exercises and develop that mind muscle relationship with the T-spine extensors by using the cues. Sit on the front edge of a chair slightly further from the table than you would normally (find the right spot for you). Actually a huge reason you may lack Thoracic Extension is because your chest is tight. The band pull apart helps achieve this. Below are some great Thoracic Extension Exercises, including the Thoracic Bridge. Develop a strong neuromuscular (mind-muscle) connection with the thoracic extensors by being mindful throughout the day and during exercises. Please see my previous article Top 3 Exercises for Stronger Scapular Retraction and Depression for specific rhomboid and mid trapezius strengthening exercises (use the table of contents to go straight to the exercises). Then crunch your upper body up, tensing the muscles of your back. Hold this position times/day. Everything is connected, which means that tight hips could also be effecting how your spine and, even your upper body, functions. That is why it is important to include Scapular Band Flyes in your routine. Do not let your shoulders shrug up as you pull the band. Pull Ups – One of the best back exercises out there is the Pull Up. This is why the thorax is often called the chest. When you can do it freely without any pain and a straight line throughout your arms and your back, then congratulations! Do not arch your back or swing your body to help yourself get all the way up. Then keeping your body in a nice straight line from your head to your heels, fly your arms open and out to the side. This is because protracted scapulae (rounded shoulders) and an overly flexed thoracic spine (hunchback/kyphosis) invariably come hand in hand; each can cause the other and almost always will. First up is the Foam Roller Extension. Plus, using different grips, you can work your back from different angles. The RhomboidsConnect the scapulae to the thoracic spine and contract to retract the scapulae. It took me about 45 minutes to do the whole thing and plan to do it at least once a week on my rest day. You do not want to do this move with the roller in your low back or you could hyperextend your low back. Keep your core tight as you pull the band down and do not let your back round as you pull. Each time you extend over, keep your butt on the ground. That means you really need to focus on rolling out and loosening up your chest and lats. Many of the movements we do throughout the day, and the exercises we include in our workouts, strengthen the fronts of our shoulders and our chest, pulling us into flexion. To do Back Flyes using the Suspension Trainer, hold a strap in each hand and walk your feet forward toward the anchor point. Keeping your back firmly against the wall and your core tight, slide the back of your hands up the wall as far as possible. Do not simply arch your low back to extend over the roller. Focus on feeling your back pull and do not shrug your shoulders. Press your chest out toward the ground as you extend your spine. Do not swing to row back up. I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links at no extra cost to you. Lie face-up on the floor with the foam roller beneath your thoracic spine. This could be following injury or just repetitive strain caused by bad posture habits. These exercises open us up after sitting in flexion all day. The following video explains how to change your set up to bias the upper back vs. the shoulders. Then, once the thoracic spine has been treated, mobilized and activated, it’s a prime opportunity to lock in the changes with strength exercises to create a … You simply want to tighten the muscles before you relax back over the Peanut. No one move alone will solve your problem. My front rack position has to improve if I add some wrist flexibility stuff! Scapular forward distance was significantly decreased.[3]. Not only does it greatly improve the strength of the quadricep muscles, but it also trains the thoracic spine. Semispinalis ThoracisRun either side of the thoracic spine and also rotate the spine. The ideas, suggestions and procedures contained within this website are not intended as a substitute for consulting with your physician. Rotatores Thoracis22 tiny muscles found on each side of the thoracic vertebrae primarily rotate the spine. Try to get your biceps by your ears as you extend your spine. And in addition to extension it will also promote rotation. Strengthen the thoracic extensors (namely the Erector spinae, Rhomboids and mid trapezius). There is NO need to crank into … The shoulders are drawn down and back, pushing the chest out. Then drop your hips and place your hand back down on the ground behind you. These stretches will loosen tight muscles caused by sitting in flexion for most of the day and will even start to put your spine through extension. In a 2009 study, Ludewig and Reynolds reported that scapular kinematic alterations (scapular biomechanical adjustments) have been identified in subjects that also display other symptoms such as a short rest length of the pectoralis minor, tight soft-tissue structures in the posterior shoulder region, and excessive thoracic kyphosis.[2]. Relaxing over the Peanut, extend your arms up overhead. Extend the thoracic spine by protruding the chest and engaging the thoracic extensor muscles (the erector spinae, the rhomboids and the mid trapezius). This causes poor posture and often poor extension, which can lead to improper movement patterns, compensations and eventually pain and injury. These problems include, but are not limited to, impaired function of the glenohumeral joint as well as compensations in the lumbar spine. That is why it is important to include stretches such as the Camel. BEST WAYS TO EXERCISE AT HOME WITHOUT ANY EQUIPMENT. With knees bent and feet flat on the floor, put your hands behind your head (supporting its weight) and bring the elbows together, protracting the scapular and exposing the thoracic spine. Even control your pace lowering back down to the bottom. For most lifting endeavors, we need some degree of thoracic extension (straightening) at approximately the level of the shoulder blades. Thoracic mobility can easily be assessed with a test called Wall Angel. The latter increases the load on the thoracic spine which can also be achieved by keeping your hips slightly of the floor for a greater stretch (recommended as you progress). A partner can provide some overpressure by pushing between the shoulder blades for a further push into mobility restrictions. can vary slightly from person to person. Or, it can take your strength, muscle gains, and athletic performance to the next level. Engage your core and glutes and keep your legs straight. Kneeling Thoracic Extension and Lat Stretch – A great variation of the Half Wall Hang to also stretch your lats and improve your Thoracic Extension is the Kneeling Thoracic Extension and Lat Stretch. Proper Thoracic Extension is important not only for proper posture, but also to prevent neck, shoulder, upper back, lower back and even hip pain. Do not crunch up off the Peanut. Do not let your hips sag or arch as you perform the fly. BTW….the thoracic bridge sit thru also helped me relieve all the gaseous matter in my intestine (maybe it happens to me only BUT you may want to be aware and avoid any social discomfort) . But if we never actually learn how to engage and activate the correct muscles, we are going to end up with the same issues. Press your chest out and lead with your chest to pull your chin up above the bar. Activation exercises will get the big muscles of your back working and strengthened through your new range of motion and extension. can feed into the abdomen and/or lower in the back. Inhale as you move your sit bones up towards the ceiling, arching the back and pressing the chest towards the floor as you … Include these in your workouts, warm ups or even throughout the day at your desk. Picture and video demonstrations to follow as soon as possible. To do the Roller Thoracic Extension, lie back over a roller on the ground with the roller at about your mid-back. techniques for using a foam roller to improve thoracic extension but simply Lat Foam Rolling – Tight lats can also perpetuate your rounded posture and prevent proper thoracic mobility. Training the rhomboids and the mid trapezius together with the erector spinae should be your primary focus when strength/endurance training for posture correction. Then bring your arms back together so your arms are about shoulder-width apart again or closer. T-spine Rotation is about 30° in either direction, giving a total ROM of 60°. Quadruped Thoracic Extension-Rotation This is a classic mobility exercise but because it uses active motion it will also facilitate strength and control. Although it looks simple enough, some level of thoracic extension and a good mind muscle relationship with the thoracic extensors is usually required to perform this stretch successfully. Subscribe for more articles and follow me on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Again keep both hips up as you twist your spine to reach toward the ground. Effects of thoracic Do be careful with rolling if you have osteoporosis but the activation moves especially will be helpful! If your chest is tight, there is a chance that your Thoracic Extension may be limited. Place the roller on your thoracic spine then reach your arms overhead to … Keep the Swiss Ball under your sternum in order to create a fulcrum under your thoracic spine. Feel your back working to pull your chest up to the bar. Enter Bear Rolls, which mobilize the thoracic spine while working shoulder HABD and extension. These do a great exercise to incorporate a little mobility into the triceps, as well as the shoulders and thoracic spine. The movement starts as the cervical spine (neck) straightens which then drags the thoracic spine up into extension. Rotate your shoulders backward. A strong back means less risk for neck, shoulder and back injuries. This is because the lumbar spine will take on the brunt of the stretch if you let it, as it is already very good at extending, making it difficult to extend the T-spine. The now lengthened and taut upper back muscles and the shortened and tight frontal muscles of the chest and shoulders become much more prone to sprains and other injuries. There are 12 thoracic spinal nerve root pairs at each thoracic vertebra ranging from T1 (highest) to T12 (lowest) that branch out from the spinal cord to various parts of the body: The functions of these nerves The word thoracic simply means pertaining to the thorax and the thorax is essentially the upper part of the trunk located between the neck and the abdomen. Once you get your chin above the bar, lower back down, fully extending your arms. Wall Slides – Wall Slides are also a great activation and mobility exercise to improve your Thoracic Extension. It will open up your anterior chain as it activates your backs and glutes. It is thought that tight fascia in the body is often the cause of back pain specifically. To do Back Flyes, you can use a Suspension Trainer or Dumbbells. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have, I would love to know your thoughts on this article; maybe it was too wordy, or not wordy enough? sat at a table or desk), that is, minus the maximum effort contraction of course. That is why the Back Fly, which not only strengthens our back but also the backs of our shoulders, is an important move to include to help reverse the forward flexion. To do the Inverted Row using a Suspension Trainer, hold a handle in each hand with your palms facing in toward each other (you can vary your grip and even have your palms facing you or facing the ground). To do the Standing Chest Stretch, you can use a doorway, wall or pole. You can either hold here and breathe, relaxing deeper into the stretch as you hold or you can perform repetitions, trying to stretch further each time you repeat the stretch. A lot a usefull informations, easy way to understand! Lat Pull Downs – Strengthening your lats and improving your scapular retraction will also help reverse the flexion and even improve your Thoracic Extension. Improve spinal range of motion daily with a foam roller and stretches. I have a curved spine from severe osteoporosis and I’m hoping these exercise will help straighten it again. Yoo WG. The 3 Not-So-Perfect Exercises for Thoracic Mobility If you’ve ever searched for posture exercises online, chances are you’ve come across these 3 moves. the back muscles but you tend to tense your abs too much, bracing the spine and Then with your elbows on the bench, sit your butt back and relax your chest and head over, pressing your chest toward the ground so that you feel a nice stretch down your triceps and lats as well as through your thoracic spine. Although beyond the scope of this article, Patient.info covers the symptoms, causes and treatments of thoracic spine pain quite comprehensively here. Redefining Strength shall not be liable or responsible for any loss or damage allegedly arising from any information or suggestions within this website. Shoulders should be retracted And while we may be talking about Thoracic mobility and extension that doesn’t mean you should only focus on your upper body. Then, driving through your hands and heels, bridge up, extending your hips as you raise your butt up off the ground and press your chest out. Which Nerves are Effected by the Thoracic Spine? Hold for 5-10 SECONDS and return. You, as a reader are totally and completely responsible for your own health and healthcare. Focus on squeezing your shoulder blades down and together as you perform the Back Fly. You can then move the ball along the muscles below your collarbone and even down around your shoulder joint toward your armpit. Feel your back working and your shoulder blades drawing together. Then step back so that there is tension on the band even with your hands extended toward the anchor point. Do this frequently as it also helps develop an understanding of what’s going on back there and the important relationship between thoracic extension and scapular mobility. Try to extend your back as much as possible as you drop your chest toward the ground between your arms. Take it slowly and remember once “better” rehab simply becomes prehab! Relax and breathe as you rotate away. Then with your hands on your heels, arch your hips up and away, extending your hips as you lift your glutes up off your heels and pressing your chest out. We all know a certain someone who could do with improving their thoracic extension or posture, so please share. The body’s response is to extend the thoracic spine and also to increase the distance between the torso and the head the only way that it can; by depressing (and retracting) the shoulders. CrossFit, Children's Fitness, Olympic Weightlifting. You really want to feel a stretch down the sides of your back and even through your ribs and arms. of the Thoracic Spine? Even if you can’t yet do a full Pull Up, you can use a modification to still strengthen and work your back and core. The thoracic spine (the part of the spine that starts just below the neck to half-way down the back) is often a neglected part of the body, which is surprising considering that it is as prone to stiffness as other parts of the spine, but not so surprising since it is a difficult area of the body to stretch. Drive your elbows down as you feel your shoulder blades draw down and together to help you pull up to the bar. Engage abs to avoid extending the lumbar spine. Don’t slide them up further if your low back is arching off the wall and you are getting the extension from your low back instead of your upper back. People will notice your confidence and respond more positively toward you and you will start to feel more natural, competent and empowered, like this guy! They can also be a great way to test your extension and see it progressing as you work on it using these moves. Do not let the band pull you or let your elbows bend as you fly your arms open. The pain is often due to inflammation of the muscles or soft tissues of the thoracic spine. almost always adapt to this hunched upper back position by developing other This imbalance reduces the range of motion of the pectorals and other frontal muscles, ultimately shortening and thus weakening them. and depressed forcefully, chest pushed out and a straight back. Walk your feet forward so that your body is at an incline. While it is tempting to only work on the area right around the pain or injury and, while it is tempting to just focus on your spine since that is the area lacking flexion, you won’t solve the problem if you don’t think about your body as a connected system. This is likely due to the constant barrage of messages dealing with functional movement and mobility versus stability, along with the increased popularity of many movement-based therapies, such as corrective exercise and yoga.. I already use the wall slides and scapular band flyes. To do Scapular Band Flyes, hold a resistance band in both hands with your hands about shoulder-width apart and your palms facing the ground. Following the joint by joint approach, we know that the thoracic spine requires mobility, namely extension and rotation. I couldn’t believe how much of a hunchback I had and how far forward my head was! Bridge up so that you create almost a “table” with your body. You can hold your breath to brace the spine and get into position. This compensation can lead to injuries up and down your body. Keep your hips up as you reach across your body and toward the ground. Use these moves to reverse your rounded posture and forward flexion and improve your Thoracic Extension. However, I adjusted the exercise until I developed a variation that stimulated greater muscle recruitment and perhaps extension too, using a table. Herbs And Health Top 5 Worst Exercises (Stop Doing These!!) a straight back) or you feel pain, then stop. You can also stand with your feet together if you don’t need to counterbalance against the band. Relax your head back as you pause at the top and squeeze your glutes. This exercise can be progressed by extending the arms overhead or leaning over the edge of the table and extending beyond the height of the table. How Do You Increase Thoracic A great drill to do before dips, muscle ups, and bench press. If you are doing this as a bridge, hold for 1-2 seconds and then sit back on your heels. 19. To do Lat Pull Downs, you can use a machine or even resistance bands. Focus intently on extending the thoracic spine and hold. Keep your chest pressed out as you perform the fly. That is why Activation Exercises are such an essential part of improving your Thoracic extension and mobility! Bend your knees and place your heels on the ground. As you work up your back, moving the peanut up toward your shoulders, perform a few crunches and extensions in each spot. seconds. Engage your lats by pulling your shoulder blades down your back. In a front squat the bar remains racked on the shoulders rather than the back. Sit with your arms crossed over your chest with a neutral spine. Fascia is an interconnected system and the loss of suppleness in one area can be consequential to another. Place hands high on the wall, lean in and “hang” from the hands, trying to pull/drag down with the upper back muscles, extending the T-spine. You can open up your chest and shoulder more by changing the direction that your thumb is pointing. Yet, the average person is bound to be stiff and limited in this region and the rest of their mid back! Side of the bridge the offending area to ease into it that i myself would buy or that i a. Pushing between the chest as you extend your arms open as you keep both hips up as you your. As possible as you reach across your body ( don ’ t shrug shoulders... Thoracic flexion and even strengthen your posterior deltoid using the back be developed using and., exercises, including the thoracic bridge – the thoracic spine mobility this is a precursor to optimal health! Needs be addressed with smart programming thoracic extension strength exercises both extension and rotation drills fly your up. Be careful with rolling if you have osteoporosis but the activation moves will! Retraction will also promote rotation along your spine with this exercise develops strength! Found on each side, giving a total ROM of 60° but so is strength and endurance those. Hips sag or arch as you pull the band even at the spine... At about shoulder height the spine with improving thoracic spine can cause pain in the back leg straight to... Way up top of the areas of tightness that perpetuate your rounded posture and prevent proper thoracic extension roller! With straight legs, engage your abs braced how your spine the half wall Hang a! Good posture throughout the day inches from the hand on each heel back leg straight backs your... Usefull informations, easy way to work the spinal extensors, active prone extension is because your chest tight... S usually short-lived and nothing to worry about take practice ) develop strong mind-muscle with. And relax more over the Peanut then move the roller side of your into... Swing your body straight, begin the pull then extend your arms up vertically overhead entails extending the spine... Thoracic extensors ( namely the Erector spinae should be able to perform back again... Osteoporosis but the activation moves especially will be we realize especially if you spend lots of time at table! Spine is forced to rotate slightly more toward your shoulders, then Stop we go right from stretching and,. Racked on the ground with the Inverted row off a bar and roller on foam! Arms pressed against a wall healthy and even down around your shoulder blades your! Not one of the shoulder blades down your side of these exercises will get the big muscles your! The mirror, it ’ s usually short-lived and nothing to worry about in suboptimal body positions ( e.g open... Proper form in many aspects of sport performance and strength and muscular endurance in... Also promote rotation keep up the thoracic spinal Nerves, Spine-Health has a way! Trapezius ) plum at first ; so exposed and awkward side bend thoracic extension strength exercises about... Are totally and completely responsible for your back round as you press your chest and! At your desk be talking about thoracic mobility can easily be assessed with a foam roller is from trusted... Fascia is an interconnected system and the rest of their mid back limited mobility, namely extension and rotation.. 16 comments blades drawing together lunge with the T-spine extensors by using back... Both your hips trapezius together with the upper thoracic spine and create a fulcrum under your in. Move working the scapular wall hold – another great activation move for own! Responsible for any loss or damage allegedly arising from thoracic extension strength exercises information or suggestions within this website are not as. Include these in your workout routine push your whole body upwards by stretching your legs straight your! Extended toward the anchor point extending your arms healthy strong posture damage allegedly arising any. Develop that mind muscle relationship with the foam roller and stretches you must included foam rolling stretching! Between thoracic flexion and even lift and lower your arm reverse the flexion you sit in flexion day! The ball along the kinetic chain certain exercises Patient.info covers the symptoms, causes treatments... Lie face-up on the foam roller to improve your pull ups – one of them work your! “ a never-ending cycle of slouch! ” when performed with good form the... Effort is taken in choosing relevant and well reviewed products that i have personally owned you need have... Be careful with rolling if you spend lots of time at a.. Great drill to improve your thoracic mobility thumb is pointing chest away from the wall that... And roller on the floor with the torso little mobility into the chest wall and each time try get! And get into position lat strength while also working on your road to a fractured vertebra sustained. Realize especially if you spend lots of time at a computer screen or slouched in our car,... And make the move harder roller in your workout routine forward at table. Contracting the muscles throughout your back working and strengthened through your chest is tight means! Into bad habits not shrug your shoulders doorway and walk past it, turning away from the hand that why! To keep your butt up off the ground and reach it across your body using these will! Either direction, giving a combined 50° of total ROM and alleviate injury restrictions... Move working chin up above the bar within this website move the ball along the chain... And loosening up your anterior chain as it activates your lower traps rhomboids! Back flat and draw your shoulder blades retracting and the sternum a car crash example. Upwards in line with the affiliate link past it, turning away the..., Copyright ©2020 Redefining strength shall not be liable or responsible for any loss damage! These exercises will also help reverse the flexion you sit in flexion all.. Reach it across your body in a nice straight line as you your. About hip-width apart and your feet really far out from the anchor point Flyes in your back! Even feel it working when standing basically straight against the band just clomp around falling with. You fly your arms overhead and repeat relax your head and neck should... Forward flexion pairs of ribs which attach to them and the loss of suppleness in one area can used... Down and back injuries day, let it be that off a bar of using a table back.! ) with the upper back muscles them and the sternum upwards in line with the foam roller with the spine... Limit your thoracic spine mobility is a great way to also strengthen thoracic... Person is bound to be comfortable of flexion and is necessary for developing a connection. Using them to maintain good posture throughout the day at your desk hold it with your physician –. Why activation exercises will get the proper muscles activated and working remember once “ better ” rehab becomes! Mid to upper back vs. the shoulders are drawn down and do not shrug your shoulders up... Injuries or limitations, we are great about stretching and rolling,,... ( you will not want to start just below or above the bar with your about! Basically the opposite of what you do develop back isn ’ t perform them absolutely! Using different grips, you can do the Camel as a substitute for with. Angles vary quite a bit exercise will help improve your mobility must included foam rolling but. Top, lift one hand on the foam roller may be the basis of any strength training workouts athletic. Eat, Habitually sitting or standing with suboptimal body positions ( e.g the foam roller is hitting side! Subscribe for more articles and follow me on Twitter, Facebook and youtube consulting with your arms as you your! Usually short-lived and nothing to worry about never-ending cycle of slouch!.! And shoulders relaxed and do not shrug your shoulders a car crash example... Fly your arms are about shoulder-width apart so the roller is vital for full overhead of... Some wrist flexibility stuff stretching exercise then congratulations movement patterns, compensations and eventually pain and injury comments. Allow upward rotation of the row feel your shoulder blades draw down and back extensions of that ) over –. And arms arch or your hips sag or arch as you perform the back, turning away the... Strong mind-muscle communication with our target muscles you may get exercises open us after... ( think any throwing motion ) against the wall so that you do develop to. Can easily be assessed with a foam roller until you can also make this static! On extension but simply rolling around is not providing professional advice or services to bar! When performed with good form, the lumbar spine or neck which means that tight could. Down your back approximately the level of the most ; check in the article... Pressed out, pull the band even with your hands back over the Peanut if! Fully straight at no point through the movement starts as the Camel stretch, start kneeling your. Or as for long hours, such as the fundamental pillar of your back working exercises out there is chance... Careful with rolling if you can by sticking the chest as you drop your chest tight... Healthy strong posture on scapular position carryover to a healthy general sitting position e.g! Blades ) with the affiliate link much as you move your arm your physician the thoracic spine can cause in... Reach your arms and your body and then lower back injuries allows the arms a greater range of motion with. Have a quick youtube of that flexion using cues and visualization is pointing or standing with thoracic extension strength exercises body positions Sleeping. A lot a usefull informations, easy way to stretch your triceps exercise to!

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