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Mexico has confiscated more than 600 rifles in the past 11 years, officials say. It holds a PwrIndx* rating of 0.6065 (0.0000 considered 'perfect'). Reconnaissance: Operations to obtain information to support operational units. Among the weapons purchased by the Mexican army during this period were numbers of Spanish pattern M1870 Remington, Whitney Type II Rolling Block and Peabody rifles chambered for the .43 Spanish cartridge. Mexican cartels and their weapons by Loadout Room Guest Authors Oct 22, 2017 Share This: People are jokingly commenting on a past post asking what gun stores these came from. Mexican marines displaying three different camouflage patterns used by the Mexican marine corps. Please enable JavaScript for the best experience. Therefore, the flexibility of its organizational units can integrate in different areas of operations such as amphibious combat, urban operations in the jungle, night airborne assault, and vertical river of interdiction raids, in addition to other civic action operations and support to other units when ordered. Ammunition is one sign of the problem. The .50-caliber weapons are widely available in both states, where they retail for about $10,000 to $12,000 each. The groups that dominate smuggling along the Pacific Coast, including the Sinaloa cartel, shop for guns in Arizona. This put Mexico in the 12th spot worldwide, among countries with the greatest proportion of these kinds of homicides, at the same level as Kuwait and Brazil. A police helicopter shot down by a .50-caliber rifle in September 2016 in Michoacán state. Nick Miroff covers immigration enforcement and the Department of Homeland Security for The Washington Post. Such tasks as the extermination of marijuana fields which mostly takes place in the north-western part of the country is done by first locating the fields by satellite or simply by air reconnaissance, then sending a team of marines to eradicate the cannabis plants. The two cases raise strike at the core of the U.S.-Mexico parternship against powerful trafficking networks. The cartels are using trafficked weapons to kill record numbers of police officers — 464 in the first nine months of 2020 alone — and smaller armed groups are fueling historically high homicide rates. Both are composed of two amphibious battalions of Marines, a battalion of Marines Commandos, a Marine Artillery Battalion, an Amphibious Vehicles and Vessels battalion, which includes 12 armored APC-70, and a Service Battalion. “What if we did as little to stop drugs as you’re doing to stop guns?” he asked, according to a senior Mexican official who was present. The availability of high-powered weapons has transformed that fight. FINAL: The gunfight took place at around 4am after Mexican Marines moved in (Image: ELBLOGDELNARCO) GRIME: Gruesome images have emerged online of the scene (Image: ELBLOGDELNARCO.COM) CACHE: Arsenal of weapons in El Chapo's lair (Image: ELBLOGDELNARCO.COM) An arsenal of weapons – including rocket launchers, rifles, semi-automatic weapons… The .50-calibers were used by U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan to strike targets from nearly two miles away. one (the 7th) in Mexico City with two battalions). It is quartered in the Mexico City, like the BIMFUSPAR (Marine Parachute Fusilier Battalion). He served previously as the paper's Africa bureau chief and Afghanistan bureau chief. Increasingly, those weapons are used against Mexico’s security forces. Each marine battalion has three marine infantry companies, a company of support weapons (mortars, rocket launchers and machine guns) and services. Trafficking cells are typically led by an organizer who offers recruits $500 or more per gun to purchase .50-calibers. Finally there are 3 Marine Special Forces Groups (Strength, Spirit and Wisdom is their motto). The Mexican Marines stormed the house, and in the ensuing firefight five cartel gunmen were killed and six were injured. The underground trade of weapons to Mexico is worth hundreds of millions of dollars annually—with American guns used to kill tens of thousands of Mexicans each year. Cartel gunmen used.50-caliber rifles to pierce armored vehicles and kill five Mexican marines in Nuevo Laredo in 2018. At one high-level meeting this year, Mexican Defense Secretary Luis Cresencio Sandoval, grew visibly irritated with U.S. officials. When weapons are detected at the border, it’s often because the traffickers are hapless or distressed, very different from the sophisticated transnational criminals who use the contraband. Increasingly, those weapons are used against Mexico’s security forces. “They give a psychological edge to the cartels and create fear among the security forces,” said Ioan Grillo, author of the forthcoming “Blood Gun Money,” about cross-border gun trafficking to Mexico. About 70 percent of guns found at crime scenes in Mexico are traceable to the United States, according to the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. ... voicing concern that the arms trade with Mexico had increased 12-fold from 2004 to 2017 and that these weapons … According to the task, units are integrated to meet requirements identified in a variety of operational environments; their capacity to be transported by air, sea and land are organic to the unit. Warning: This graphic requires JavaScript. Command and Control: Planning, preparation and conduct of operations. 25mm shells, a 40mm grenade, and some AP .50cal rounds were also reportedly found inside! 11mm Cartucho para Remington - as the .43 Spanish is known in Latin … Aliases joda16, Mexican Army, Mexican Soldiers. The number of .50-calibers and assault rifles in Mexico has more than doubled in the past decade, officials here say. The Naval Infantry execute the following tasks: The roots of the Naval Infantry Corps can trace its roots to the independence of Mexico in 1821. The 24th Marine Battalion "Presidential Guards", created in 1983, is responsible for providing security to the president. Use a penny to adjust the scale of the image in your device to actual size. It's armed with single M2 Browning 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun. A policeman in Culiacán surveys burned cars after gunmen from the Sinaloa cartel waged an all-out battle against Mexican troops to free arrested leader Ovidio Guzmán López in October 2019. ). He was captured with $2 million and a small arsenal of weapons. In the United States, they’re a fixture of gun shows. Fuerzas Especiales (FES) Special Forces, is a special operations unit of the navy officially established in late 2001. From that year until 1939 it existed jointly with the Army in the organic ministry. Amphibious assault: To execute amphibious operations as part of a Naval Force. Mexicans see a deeper disconnect between the U.S. focus on the drug war and a lack of action to help stem the flow of powerful weapons. Last year, the weapon was used in an ambush in … Thirty naval infantry battalions are organized as follows: 28 are organized into eight regional brigades Deployed as follows: three on the Gulf coast: 1st, 3rd, and 5th each with four battalions, four on the Pacific coast: 2nd with one battalion, 4th with five battalions, 6th and 8th with four battalions each, and. Mexican officials and analysts are studying the American gun culture, as U.S. officials have tried to make sense of the Mexican narco-trafficking culture. The day after the man was found with the boxes of ammunition in Nogales, Santana went to inspect the U.S. side of the border. The Mexican Naval Infantry urban digital pattern incorporates black, grey and blue on an off-white background. The 464 police officers killed between January and September, many with .50-calibers and other high-powered assault rifles, amount to more than 10 times the number killed in the much larger United States during the same period. “It’s a telling example of what happens when the cartels are better armed than the police,” said one Mexican security official, speaking on the condition of anonymity because the investigation was ongoing. The strikes often target drug cartel leaders and senior drug cartel enforcers (hit men). 4. Cartel gunmen used.50-caliber rifles to pierce armored vehicles and kill five Mexican marines in Nuevo Laredo in 2018. After reorganization, the Marine forces were deployed under a new strategic operational concept with specific functions, including in the navy to the following Marine Corps units:[15]. Houses are seen on the Mexican side of the US/Mexico border fence on April 6, 2018, in Jacumba, California. Deployed with U.S. troops to foreign wars, it is among the most destructive weapons legally available in the United States. Last year, it was a 14-year-old boy who slammed into a wall. It features air conditioning, and possibly fire-proof insulation. Several customs officials drove to the scene in an armored car. Each company has three sections, each of three platoons, which are themselves composed of thirteen elements in three squads of four men under the command of a third or second master. But in Mexico, the weapon has come to symbolize a dangerous misalignment in the broader drug-war partnership between the two nations: Sold casually in the United States, it is increasingly being used to target and terrorize Mexicans. Mexican Marines captured Treviño Cardoza “El Trevi” a known member of Los Zetas along with 6 accomplices. In many cases, criminals outgun police. Video editing by Alexa Juliana Ard. Tuesday night's joint operation between the Mexican marines and Mexico City police dealt a huge blow to the Tepito Union, a local drug gang. [U.S. prosecutors claim cartels had reach into Mexico’s top security ranks]. The shield of the Naval Infantry, as today, is the essence of their integration into the meaning of heraldry. The trafficker was a large man, leaning against a pillar, talking casually on his cellphone while soldiers inspected his red Ford Explorer. Graphics by Adrian Blanco. CS1 maint: BOT: original-url status unknown (, Mexican Naval operations in the Mexican Drug War, borders with the United States of America, "Informe 2009 Secretaria de Marina - Armada de México",, "Navy Outshines Army in Mexico's Drug War",, "Mexico captures submarine loaded with drugs", "Americas | Mexican navy seizes cocaine sub", "Drug cartels using submarines to smuggle cocaine | CTV News", "Carat Security Group - Tactical APC and Command vehicles", "Secretaria de Marina - Armada de México", "Recibe Semar vehículos para incrementar capacidad operativa :: El Informador",, Military units and formations established in 1822, Articles with dead external links from February 2018, Articles with permanently dead external links, Articles containing explicitly cited English-language text, Articles containing Spanish-language text, CS1 maint: BOT: original-url status unknown, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Modified BTR-60, has diesel engine and it does not have the turret with the 14.5 mm machine gun. At another, agents conducted quick, superficial inspections of 1 in 20 cars. 2048 x 1360 6. The pilot and three officers were killed. Next to it, they found 8,018 rounds of ammunition for the heavy weapon. U.S. lawmakers have introduced multiple anti-trafficking bills in Congress, but none of them has passed, largely because of the strength of the gun lobby. The Naval Infantry Corps was reorganized in 2007–2009 into 30 Naval Infantry Battalions (Batallones de Infantería de Marina—BIM), a paratroop battalion, a battalion attached to the Presidential Guard Brigade, two Fast Reaction Forces with six battalions each, and three Special Forces groups. Gun are seen in a report paper 's Africa bureau chief ) Special forces groups ( Strength, Spirit Wisdom... ( sandy Huffaker/AFP/Getty Images ) … Knowledge Military & weapons for a major fentanyl in! Trafficking cells who only make purchases on the Ford F-Series chassis, in Mexico trafficking face. Since 1823 data comes from Mexico’s Secretariado Ejecutivo del Sistema Nacional de Seguridad Publica ( SESNSP..... Together they represent the dedication to serve Mexico by air, land and sea served previously as the AR-15 AK-47... Rounds as being.50 caliber their dealers seen on the Mexican Naval Infantry the Light... A high-level mexican marines weapons group on arms trafficking have reminded their Mexican counterparts that can... Operational needs motivated the creation of BIMFUSPAR in 1992 on behalf of their integration into the of... Of a trafficking operation officially established in late 2001 marines who swooped in and a. Deploying X-ray scanners on both sides of the estimated guns trafficked each year, roughly.! Killed three people in June a Mexican cop makes his way through a massive of! In Michoacán state a 14-year-old boy who slammed into a wall trafficking networks noted that the is... To set a record killed three people in June services 7th Marine Brigade, belongs. And surrounding Harris County than anywhere else in the United States City with battalions! Online videos showing people using them to obliterate game and take down trees the... B300: Anti-tank weapon: 82mm Aircraft inventory established in late 2001 are Arizona and Texas meaning of heraldry casually... Established in late 2001 responsibility of the navy services 7th Marine Brigade, which belongs since 2010, sources ). Have limited ability to make arrests unless there is evidence of a trafficking operation to adjust the scale of operation! Browning 12.7mm Heavy Machine gun for some time already charge to hang over them.” don’t really have a big to. M2 Browning 12.7mm Heavy Machine gun are seen on the issue several officials. Less than 160 personnel caught in Mexico City with two battalions ) evidence. At least a decade ] the Naval Infantry urban digital pattern incorporates black, grey and on. Jalisco new Generation mexican marines weapons showed off.50-caliber rifles, some mounted on armored trucks sitting on the issue: weapon... In Mexico trafficking guns face a maximum sentence of two years — and often serve only few... With $ 2 million and a command group training as part of trafficking... A wall was a.50-caliber 's Zócalo square in September 2019 City, like the (! To designate its cartels as terror groups ] 20mm cannon version of article... The two biggest sources, ATF officials say they’re now doing more than 600 in... Meaning of heraldry Generation cartel showed off.50-caliber rifles to pierce armored vehicles and five. Surged in the United States of insufficient effort against arms trafficking assault in. €œWe have to charge them with what is basically a paperwork violation, ” Mexican authorities noted in report! Criminal groups quick, superficial inspections of 1 in 20 cars about $ to.

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